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Easy installation

Once a database has been created, you can get started. Via the installer your CMS is ready to use in a few clicks or use console for easy installation.

Various Add-ons available

Wide choice of Plugins, Snippets and Modules via the Add-ons installation manager module. Install with just one click.


You can ask all your questions via our forum [EN] or visit to our Telegram group [RU].

For who is Evolution CMS?

Evolution CMS is created for Web designers and Web developers. An extremely flexible content management system. After installation you can immediately start working with your new website. You build a website from an empty template. You will work allot with CSS and HTML for the design of the website. If you are a developer you can create your own snippets, plugins and modules.

Make use of the available Add-ons to speed up your development.
They are free to use!

For who is Evolution CMS?

What makes Evolution CMS so unique?

What makes Evolution CMS so unique?

The manager is very fast, faster than many other CMS. After you have logged in to the manager, you can edit a page from the resource tree (pages) with just 1 click. Because the resource tree is always visible on the left of the manager you can edit your pages on the fly. The use of the manager is easy and understandable for everyone. With many CMS you have different locations to edit content, on Evolution CMS its all located on one page. This is quite unique and also very useful.

It is up to you to determine which customizable content fields will appear on the page. You can easily add, move and organize fields in tabs.


New website for Evolution CMS

We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website.
We hope you like the fresh new look!

We value your opinion

Please contact us on the forum to let us know what you think of our new website, all comments and feedback are welcome. Please also let us know if you cannot find something or would like to make any suggestions for new information or topics.

Many thanks for your ongoing support and we look forward to hearing from you.

Add-ons: Modules, Plugins and Snippets

Simply place your Module, Plugin or Snippet. You can install it via the Manager under Modules Extras. Listed below are the most popular Add-ons.


Module for building your webshop


Plugin for adding different content blocks


Image upload plugin for a photo gallery


Plugin for displaying a form on your website


Plugin for sorting and moving Template fields.


Plugin for unlimited addition of content items


You can get specific values. When 'x' is 'y' then show 'z'.


Plugin for cropping your images


Plugin to show information from different locations


Plugin for displaying your navigation on your website


Adding breadcrumbs on you website


Add a automatic generated sitemap.xml file


Multi language module


WYSIWYG richtext editor

WebP Converter

Convert all your images to .webp format


Adding searching on your website

History of the Open Source project Evolution CMS

Timeline EVO from the first release in 2004 till now.

  • Evolution CMS CE 4.0

    Full rebuild in Laravel and VueJS in progress.
  • Evolution CMS CE 3.0

    The CMS will continue under the new added brandname Evolution CMS CE (Community Edition)
  • Evolution CMS 3.0

  • Evolution CMS 2.0

    The use of Laravel components is made possible.
  • MODX Evo becomes Evolution CMS

    The CMS will continue under the new name Evolution CMS and MODX LLC will reduce its involvement.
  • Community release MODX Evo 1.0

  • MODX LLC stops further development of Evo

    MODX LLC is working on a new version called MODX Revolution which is basically the same as Evolution with a somewhat "heavier" back-end.
  • First release of MODX CMS

    The rise of Content Management Systems with the most famous CMS "WordPress" which was founded in 2003.
    A year later "MODX CMS" came with the first version. Another well-known CMS "Joomla" was released in 2005.

Stand out from the crowd

Go beyond the simple site. Scale like never before. Realize creative freedom. Welcome to Evolution CMS.









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